T&C Service Packages

Term and condition for the Support Services:


Definition Term

"Term" refers to the duration of your plan. "Services" refers to the particular services and benefits provided under this plan from time to time, as described on Business Membership as may be revised and updated from time to time. "Hala Team" refers to Hala Electronics., which operates its Hala team division. "Plan" refers to the Hala Electronics Business Membership Plan. "Terms and Conditions" refers to the terms and conditions set out in this document that governs the Services provided according to the plan. "You" or "your" refer to the registered business Plan holder.                                               

To obtain Services under this Plan, or if you have any questions about this plan, please visit a Hala Electronics in Dubai during regular office hours, chat with an Online Support Agent at Hala Electronics Business support or call us at +971 4 397 3978 for over-the-phone support or to schedule an appointment.

Plan purchase price

The applicable monthly payment multiplied by the month's number in the term of your plan as applicable plus taxes.

Monthly payment details

If the purchase price of your plan is payable in a monthly payment, your three monthly payments must be paid when you subscribe to the plan; afterward, monthly payment shall be paid by the seventh of each month until the duration of your plan or the plan is canceled. You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel within 30 days of Hala Electronics notice of any charge and will not have any liability or obligation toward your organization.

Manufacturer and other warranties

This plan is a service contract; it is not a warranty. For any warranties requirements, you may contact or email support@hala-its.ae.

Privacy Policy

Your information processes may be processed and stored with the third party and may be subject to local or other international authorities' access under applicable laws.

Limitation and Restriction

  1. If you go beyond your plan, you can subscribe for the extra service by sending an email to support@hala-its.ae; otherwise, if you do not do so, you will be responsible for the extra charges (except where prohibited by law.) According to such an agreed number of users, services are on per user basis, especially noted on your purchase invoice. Kindly refer to the following out of usage plan for each package:
Exceeding the Usage of Remote Service
  • Bronze – 400dhs / hour will be Charged after Exceeding the Usage
  • Silver – 350dhs / hour will be Charged after Exceeding the Usage
  • Gold - 300dhs / hour will be Charged after Exceeding the Usage
  1. The services under this plan may only be used by your business and no other third parties.
  2. Hala team reserves the right to deny or terminate the services in the event of dishonest, inappropriate, or abusive behavior with respect to the provision of services or to Hala electronics personnel, in Kala team sole
  3. The Hala team is not liable to you if it is unable to perform its obligation hereunder due to the event is not able to control.
  4. Hala Electronics shall not be liable for any incidents or significant damage to the following.
    1. It is your responsibility to have a backup of your data by any means of storage.
    2. Hala Electronics and the third party will not be responsible for any lost alteration or corruption of any data or files.
  5. We have the right to change the plan prices or packages without any further notice.
  6. We have the right to withhold from providing any service if the requirements are unusually or beyond the plan as determined by us.
  7. No service shall be provided under the plan if we do not receive the payment on the due date, and the invoice has been issued.
  8. If you are looking for specific requirements, please email us at support@hala-its.ae.


  1. Hala Electronics may end this agreement based on fraud or misrepresentation provided by your employee.
  2. Unauthorize the use of the plan.
  3. Nonpayment of the service plan.


Once your plan is canceled for any reason stated on this agreement within 12 months, you will be entitled to a refund minus cost of the service receive ( if any ), except if prohibited by law. Contact support@hala-its.ae for cancelation inquires.

Entire Agreement

Your plan purchase invoice and the terms and condition between you and Hala Electronics will prevail all oral or written communication and agreement concerning the subject matter of the agreement ( the contract ) no amendment or modification of the contract from your side will be binding from our side without written agreement from Hala.


The following circumstances will not be provided under this service plan:

  1. Purchasing maintenance repair or replacement of the product.
  2. Unauthorize servicing beyond agreement between both parties mention on the original purchase invoice used by multiple business locations or unauthorized access unless written explicitly on the original purchase invoice.
  3. Fees related to third party contracts.
  4. Any service is not mentioned in this plan.