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As today’s communication networks become more complex, more and more critical tasks are accomplished over networks, and the need for faster access to information increases. This increases the need for a proper foundation to these networks. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for efficient, cost-effective means to make the best of the organization’s critical Infrastructure technology.


Structured cabling allows businesses to build an infrastructure for their communication needs with the ability to run any application on any work area, at any time .A well designed structured cabling allows for easy administration of moves, additions and changes, and smooth migrations to new network topologies.


With technologies becoming more sophisticated, and the increasing demands on the organization’s internal resources, businesses are looking out partners that can address this vital requirement. From basic Local Area Networks (LAN) to Wide Area Networks (WAN), to more complex solutions like structured cabling and wireless network solutions, Hala Electronics Est Network & Security Division provides its customers with reliable and flexible network connectivity solutions. The corporate IT Infrastructure is strategic to every business in order to achieve its objectives. Hala Electronics Est Network & Security Division provides a suite of tier 1 solutions that create value for our customers and help them achieve their financial and non-financial goals.